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fühlen Sie die Stimmung, lieben Sie den Spaß, kommen Sie für einen Abend zu uns, wenn Sie sich trauen...
Spatz beste Weinauswahl, in interlaken

"life is too short to drink bad wine."

Ich bin in einer Familie aufgewachsen, die eine Leidenschaft für Gastfreundschaft und Gastronomie, Essen und Geschmack hat. Gäste, Familie und Freunde zu bewirten war schon immer ein wichtiger Teil von mir und ich freue mich darauf, meine Faszination für Einfachheit und Qualität mit Ihnen zu teilen.

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Spatz Weinveranstaltungen, Wein kennenlernen, in Interlaken
Ladelokal Wine Bar Interlaken Switzerland
Ladelokal Coffie Bar Interlaken Switzerland
Ladelokal Wine Selection Interlaken Switzerland
Spatz - Gastro & So breakfast offer
Local Bar With Wine And Great Gastronomical Variety In Interlaken Switzerland
Local Bar With Great Gastronomical, Coffee And Wine Selection In Interlaken Switzerland
Local Bar With Great Gastronomical, Coffe And Wine Selection In Interlaken Switzerland
Spatz - Gastro & So With Great Gastronomical, Coffe And Wine Selection In Interlaken Switzerland
Take Away Services In Spatz - Gastro & So Local Bar Great Gastronomical, Coffee And Wine Selection In Interlaken Switzerland

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Karol Gonzales


Absolutely amazing and stunning café! Can’t find the words to describe how picturesque this location is. From the interior design, the atmosphere, the view to the river, the staff, and the food - everything is truly amazing. If you are looking for a great apero place or just to grab a coffee/wine/Prosecco and enjoy a sunny day at the river - this is your spot! Try the homemade Pastel de Nata - to die for! It’s even better than the ones I’ve tried in Portugal! And the owner Jan is just so lovable. You can taste, see and experience his passion for gastronomy and hospitality in every little detail of the cafe. Every item is hand-picked to fit perfectly with the

Daniel Claussen


High quality, class, and style, on the water.

Steven Richards


Coffee was the best I've ever had in Switzerland

laurel Barton


Sweet little place, quite different from most coffee shops here. Prices not bad, off the main drag so peaceful, at least in October.

Daniel Oot


Wow. Wow is all I have to say. This place caught me off guard with how AMAZING it was... I went in for a light little lunch. I got a panini with ham and cheese..... it was AMAZING!? Then, I think I had the best hot chocolate I've EVER had in my life… Place was incredible lol. Cool vibe too with nice outdoor seating next to the river.

Aric m


Amazing view, local beer and tea. very reasonable prices.

Ian 404


Nice place for relaxing

Leeda Melyanova


The quietest place with amazing chai latte and a pie

Liel Dacrockerspongenaim


Amazing place, very nice people , great coffee, breathtaking location, highly recommend

Joanna Kehrli


Excellent place! Fresh product and good wine

Lesley Shubrook


Great coffee!

June 29, 2024

Grande Aperitivo

La vita è bella! Ein gemütliches zusammensein mit Freunden, italienische Leckerbissen und Vino!

Der Preis von CHF 50.- beinhaltet das Essen (reichhaltiges Aperitivo) und ein Glas Wein